Vortex Macerator

The Vernacare Vortex Disposal Unit has been designed for simplicity and ease of use with maximum efficiency, while minimising infection risk.

Hands Free Opening Preventing the risk of cross contamination in the sluice room, and reducing ward staff time.

Automatic anti-bacterial cleaning process The anti bacterial deodoriser works against bacteria in the hopper, while the light fragrance improves the maceration experience offering reassurance and piece of mind for the user.

For more information on Vernacare macerator deodoriser, please contact your Vernacare distributor.

The lid seal has been proven to effectively contain aerosols, eliminating risk of micro-organisms being released into the air. The Vortex has a moulded surface
casing designed to enable efficient cleaning. It will also withstand disinfectants and detergents.

Avoids Drain Blockage
The combination of the sealed, water filled hopper and its unique, innovative twin blade design provides complete maceration to a fine watery slurry which will flow freely through drains.

Energy Efficient
The motor and intermittently operated pump ensure economic use of power; requiring only cold water the Vortex quickly and hygienically disposes of 4 pulp products every two minutes.

The powerful 1kw three phase motor for single / three phase locations and square section frame provide inner strength and durability to withstand transportation providing an average life of 10 years. The Vortex macerator is manufactured to ISO EN 9001:2000 standards and is tested to ensure compliance with CE and BS requirements.

Click on the video below to watch the Vortex Macerator in action