Vortex Macerator Range

The industry leading range of disposal units for hygenic patient care. The disposal units, which contain Vernacare’s unique SmartFlow™ technology, are built to ensure the highest standards of hygiene and infection prevention.The single-use system is now common in hospitals around the world. Instead of repeatedly using and disinfecting bedpans containing human waste, the single-use system means that every bedpan and its contents may be disposed of entirely and a new clean unused bedpan is always available for the next patient.

EBOS Healthcare are distriubtors of the orginal Vortex, Vortex+ and the new Compact macerator.


The Vernacare Vortex Disposal Unit has been designed for simplicity and ease of use with maximum efficiency, while minimising infection risk.

Hands Free Opening Preventing the risk of cross contamination in the sluice room, and reducing ward staff time.

Automatic anti-bacterial cleaning process The anti bacterial deodoriser works against bacteria in the hopper, while the light fragrance improves the maceration experience offering reassurance and piece of mind for the user.

For more information on Vernacare macerator deodoriser, please contact your Vernacare distributor.

The lid seal has been proven to effectively contain aerosols, eliminating risk of micro-organisms being released into the air. The Vortex has a moulded surface
casing designed to enable efficient cleaning. It will also withstand disinfectants and detergents.

Avoids Drain Blockage
The combination of the sealed, water filled hopper and its unique, innovative twin blade design provides complete maceration to a fine watery slurry which will flow freely through drains.

Energy Efficient
The motor and intermittently operated pump ensure economic use of power; requiring only cold water the Vortex quickly and hygienically disposes of 4 pulp products every two minutes.

The powerful 1kw three phase motor for single / three phase locations and square section frame provide inner strength and durability to withstand transportation providing an average life of 10 years. The Vortex macerator is manufactured to ISO EN 9001:2000 standards and is tested to ensure compliance with CE and BS requirements.

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The industry leading Vortex macerator disposal unit is now available with touch-less technology. The new Vortex+ macerator is activated via a foot sensor to open and close the machine, eliminating the need for any hand movement or contact.

This reduces the risk of cross-infection when disposing of fibre-moulded bedpans, urinals and other products containing human waste. The new technology can be ‘auto-start’ enabled, which means that when the lid closes, the machine starts automatically without the need to press a start button.

As well as eliminating hand contact, the 'auto-start' upgrade also prevents multiple waste containers 'stacking up' in the machine. This overcomes the potential problem of overloading the machine and ensures the effective flow of the disintegrated waste particles through the drains.

“The original Vortex macerator is widely considered to be the market-leading machine, but the new Vortex+ macerator machine offers some important improvements”, said Emma Sheldon, Vernacare’s Group Marketing Director. “The hands free operation and ‘auto-start’ features have both been created with input from our customers. The automatic start upgrade is particularly useful in older installations – helping to keep the drains clear by reducing the pulp-to-water ratio”.

The new Vortex+ macerator retains the original closed-drum system of the existing Vortex model. With its sealed, water-filled hopper and unique twin-blade design, the machine ensures that waste products are broken down into a fine slurry. The new model retains other original Vortex features, including an integrated automatic anti-bacterial deodoriser which cleans and disinfects inside the machine at the end of each cycle. A self-diagnosing display panel, together with manual emptying override, also makes machine maintenance easier. The Vortex+ macerator is highly energy efficient because it operates using a cold water process. In addition, its powerful 1kW three-phase motor enables a rapid cycle time of just two minutes for up to four pulp waste containers. Soundproofing has been incorporated into the new system design to allow use during the night.

The Vortex+ macerator is manufactured to ISO EN 9001:2008 standards and tested to ensure compliance with CE and BS requirements. It is also independently tested for compliance to PAS 029, including stringent five-stage testing to ensure 100% effective breakdown of disposable products for effective discharge via the drains.

Vernacare is the only company worldwide to manufacture a complete single-use human waste disposal system and has been the global market leader for more than 50 years. Its system helps to reduce the risk of cross infection and improve environmental performance, while saving nursing time and generating cost savings.

The Vortex+ macerator is available through EBOS Healthcare, exclusive Australian and New Zealand distributor of Vernacare.

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A versatile, space-efficient, contactless unit that provides safe and effective waste disposal at the point of care, the Vernacare Compact is the smaller unit that makes a big impact.

The Compact is designed for low usage areas, taking 1 single-use container per cycle.

Infection prevention at the point of care
Removing the need for clinical staff to carry human waste to a dedicated sluice/dirty utility room, the Compact improves infection prevention and saves valuable nursing time. This space-efficient unit is ideal for patient bathrooms, isolation rooms, barrier nursing and specialist areas such as radiology, x-ray and chemotherapy.

Flexible installation options 
Flexible installation enables clinical staff to further optimise their environment for advanced patient care. The Compact can be wall-mounted to save floor space, built into an existing area for a flush finish or placed on the floor (stainless steel plinth provided).

The power of SmartFlow™ 
Designed to ensure a fast, even flow, SmartFlow™ is a unique maceration system that ensures waste is only released to drain once maximum water dispersion has been achieved. Through continued action inside the sealed drum, the particle size is minimized, ensuring no dry or bulky material can pass into the pipework. SmartFlow™ allows Vernacare machines to discharge waste 4 times faster than alternative macerators available on the market. It’s the power of SmartFlow™

Industry-leading design 
The Compact has a patented design, with hands-free operation via an ultrasonic foot sensor, ensures the highest hygiene standards.

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