The fastest screening tool for peripheral arterial disease

Compared to the handheld Doppler probe, MESI ABPI MD performs an automated ABI measurement. Innovative technology enables the device to provide accurate and objective results, based on which physicians can diagnose Peripheral Arterial Disease with great confidence.

Advanced error detection system
Smart software prevents false results even in the case of critical ischemia or medial calcinosis, and gives physicians all the confidence they need.

Cuff -based technology
Plethismograpy sensors detect the smallest changes in volume. Ease-of-use excludes the possibility of human error and there is no need for additional training.

Unique algorithm for ankle blood pressure calculation
It is not possible to measure blood pressure in ankles with a brachial blood pressure device. Therefore, the algorithm is different, developed with human ankle anatomy in mind.

Simultaneous measurement
Because blood pressure is constantly changing, simultaneous measurement is crucial to avoid error from blood pressure drift.



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