Sterilisation Wraps

Everything you need, wrapped in a single solution.

Every day, you’re tasked to do more with less. To improve productivity with less time, budget and staff. And do it all while you strive to keep your patients safe and improve the quality of care. That’s why we created a new choice in sterilisation wrap: a full selection of products that are durable, reliable and cost effective.

Choose the wrap that best meets your goals of maximising efficiency, safety and quality of care.

Two Colour: The blue and green layers help make it fast and easy to differentiate, identify and inspect trays

Dual Layer: Double wrapping in a single sheet can help save time and improve productivity

Single Layer: Supports sequential wrapping methodologies

  • Made from SMS polypropylene, non-woven material for strength and sterility maintenance.
  • Designed with a simple, “cross-stitch” bond pattern for clear, visual feedback of breaches that may occur during handling, storage, and/or sterilisation.
  • Available in six basis weights and a wide range of sizes to meet the needs of today’s Central Sterile Department.


Cardinal Health Sterilisation Wraps