Airpal PVR ShortPad

Ideal for Drop-Table Procedures

N Series ShortPad

Constructed of the same specialty medical fabrics as our AirPal PVR TransferPads but shorter in length (47" rather than 78"), the ShortPad facilitates easy repositioning of a patient in bed and use on drop table procedures such as OBGYN.

ShortPads are also great for Portable Head CTS positioning. A full variety of widths are available (28, 30, 32, 34, 39, 50”) and they are designated by an "SH" at the end of the part number. Adjusted length Sani-Liners are also available for the ShortPad.

AirPal ShortPad - N Series

L Series ShortPad

 Same as the NSH version above, except the patient surface is replaced with Lectrolite® for applications where excess fluids could be encountered or electrical conductivity desired.

AirPal ShortPad L Series