About EBOS Healthcare

Since our beginnings in 1922, we have refined and developed our sales and distribution networks to become one of the largest suppliers of international healthcare brands in the Australasian region. We stock over 10,000 products and provide overnight delivery to orders in most metropolitan centres.

We are owned by EBOS Group, who are a publicly listed entity. Following the acquisition of the Symbion Group in June 2013, our Group revenues exceed $6.0 billion, a true testament of our strong market position, extensive market coverage and ever-increasing number of global companies that trust us with their brands.

EBOS Healthcare has continually fostered a culture of innovation by sourcing sustainable, global brands and market leading products. Today we distribute the products of over 700 suppliers of medical equipment and consumables and have strong partnerships with all main manufacturers in the industry. EBOS Healthcare is now the largest diversified marketer, wholesaler and distributor of healthcare, medical and pharmaceutical products in Australasia.

We have exclusive brand representation for the global leading Vernacare Human Waste Disposal System, Vernacare, Tuffie Wipes and Allersearch Asthma and Allergy Range, to name a few.